A SEXY Orchid

Posted on Dec 6 2012 - 10:52am

“Song and dance, acrobatics, burlesque.”

By Isabel Quill

This is the time of year Miami has art in every shape and form. People are seeking out new paintings, sculptures, and finding pop-up installations that add to the fun. Driving down Biscayne Boulevard, an additional pop-up circus looking tent has taken over the corner of 38th street. It is a new piece to this year’s art scene puzzle.

Orchid, Miami’s Most Exotic Theatrical Experience is a pop-up entertainment event lasting throughout December and into January.

How burlesque would be represented in Miami provoked my curiosity. Well, it turned out my preconceptions of dancers in flashy dresses and nudity to 50’s music were very wrong.

As you walk into “The Pleasure Garden,” three different areas are presented. The first is inhabited by Michy’s, local chef Michelle Bernstein’s restaurant. Here, a selection of her best creations is offered a la carte, alongside a pre-fixed menu to enjoy before the show. The remaining two sections are comprised of an open area for guests to mingle in, and then a saloon inspired stage area. A mix of tables, classic theatre-style rows of seats, and the boxes, which fit up to eight people, surround an elegant round stage. As soon as you walk into the stage area, it perfectly sets the mood for what will follow…

Let me take you through the main elements of Orchid, “Song and dance, acrobatics, burlesque.”

Song- the music has a wide variety of styles, from pop to rock, from country to heavy metal. It is well thought out compilation, which leads you into this fantastic story. The music will make you sing, laugh and as music is wont to do, connect fully with the show.

Dance- It is definitely one of the best parts. The dancers are beautiful, talented, entertaining, and of course, very sexy. They make the audience feel a part of the show, and at ease in the environment. It is certainly an adults show, however a tasteful one. I just can say it is sexy, very sexy!

Acrobatics- This is the element that makes this show much more than a simple burlesque show. Seeing humans use their bodies in ways the average person does not, above the ground no less, will make you appreciate the human form and the show beyond its façade.

Burlesque- This is the theme of the show, and what links the story, music, and setting together. It is the style in which the director chose to tell a story that will be exciting to see, sexy to remember and joyful to sing along with. Discriminatingly developed with the customs, the lighting and the music, Orchid, Miami’s Most Exotic Theatrical Experience lives up to its name.

Orchid- A must SEE! One of those unique, rare experiences that when brought to Miami, we as locals need to help enhance through support. It is a show that will make your night out, that will fulfill all your senses and leave you craving for more.


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